We strive to create lasting connections with people through meaningful and deliberate design.

Our Studio

We started our journey in 2005. Since then our mission is to create quality visuals that bring customers and business together.




Identity, web, product, character

& packaging.


Everything to get your

message across.


Analytics, A/B testing,

Social Media.

Our Team

  • › Vassya Chuplygin, Founder.

    UX / UI, design, production, magic.

  • › Mike Petrenko, Code.

    Front-end, back-end, Java, SQL, PHP, C++,

    Ruby, iOS, Android, Python.


  • › Valentina & Elena Chernykh, Fine Art.

    Illustration, key visuals, sketch work, fine art.



  • › Julia Shuvchinskaya, Video.

    Video Production, photography, set design.

  • › Yan Segal, Photo.

    Product & set photography.

  • › Alana Chuplygina, Markup.

    Package design, presentations, POS.


  • › Antonina Sotnikova, Illustration.

    Illustration, web elements, icons, fine art.